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The Future is Here

What the Internet, mobile technology, and social networking tools have provided companies is the power to provide a level of utility to their consumers that they could never provide before. This evolution from audience to individual is here. And it continues at an accelerated rate. The future is today. One thing has not changed – the art and science of storytelling. The art of storytelling is communication – a beginning, middle and an end. The science of storytelling is an

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Holiday Promotions Using Video

CREATE SEASONAL LANDING PAGES WITH VIDEO People are looking for bargains and that perfect gift. A landing page can shine a spotlight on those offers. USE VIDEO TO REINFORCE SPECIAL SEASONAL PROMOTIONS This technique can serve two purposes. Promote new and old products with a limited time call to action. USE VIDEO TO YOUR EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN Email marketing including video is most effective. According to Hubspot, it can increase open rates by 19{05986c2b3e58f0a01fa203c35a977374fc14e3571523ea9fdd2555d4aaefd0dc} and click-through rates by 65{05986c2b3e58f0a01fa203c35a977374fc14e3571523ea9fdd2555d4aaefd0dc}. AMPLIFY

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Master Your Storytelling

As long as humanity has lived, stories have passed from one generation to the next. Stories have been the central focus in paintings by great artists, in beautiful songs by singers, themes for dance performances. Lately, storytelling has made it as a unique learning tool in the classroom as well. This blog has often referred to great brands tell great stories. It’s a fact. It’s no wonder, then, that the magic of storytelling has made its way into the traditional

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10 Words Customers Want To Hear

Everyday, when people have little to no first-hand experience with the products, they’re deciding in a mindful way. Here are words customers want to hear: Free No matter how large, medium or small, people love free, no doubt. Easy Life is complicated. Anytime people hear something is easy, they’re drawn to it. Limited Fear of missing out (FOMO) comes to mind. People have to make a decision now before it’s too late. Exclusive This makes people feel like they belong

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Our Brains Crave Storytelling in Marketing

What grabs your attention more: a list full of ingredients like Coca-Cola, phosphoric acid and glycerin or a story about one company’s vision to make people happy by putting a Coca-Cola product within arm’s reach of every person on Earth? This makes sense, especially considering recent findings of a Nielsen study that show consumers want a more personal connection in the way they gather information. Numerous studies over the years have proven that our brains are far more engaged by

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Brand Archetypes

It all began in 1919 when psychologist, Carl Jung, introduced the term archetype. In 2001 “The Hero and The Outlaw” by Margaret Mark applied archetypes to marketing and branding for the first time. Following are the archetypes and commercial examples. The Innocent . . . to be happy, do things right Red Cross and Coca-Cola The Explorer . . . to experience a better, more authentic, more fulfilling life National Geographic and NASA The Sage . . . the discovery

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Tips for Online Storytelling

Once upon a time, people responsible for telling stories were constantly hearing the battle cry, “keep it short.” Or your story must be authentic. This reality continues to accelerate everyday by digital disruption, brought on by the Internet and social media. Moore’s Law reminds us technology doubles every 12 to 18 months. Yikes! 1. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re faced with online storytelling: 2. Everything starts with what you see. 3. Tell the story

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A Story is a Journey

“Research shows our brains are not hard-wired to understand logic or retain facts for very long. Our brains are wired to understand and retain stories. “A story is a journey that moves the listener, and when the listener goes on that journey they feel different and the result is persuasion and sometimes action.” Jennifer Aaker, a marketing professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business That action is exactly what marketers work so hard to achieve. If you struggle to write

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People Who Tell Stories Are More Successful

“Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story,“ by Peter Guber, asserts that everyone today, whether they know it or not, is in the emotional transportation business, and compelling stories are the best way for you to move your business forward. Here are ten basic principles for telling the right story, at the right time and telling it right: 1. Select the right story for the right audience. What does the audience want or need?

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Visualizing Success With Videos Works

Combine visualization and video storytelling and you have the strongest combination to help you grow your business and thrive in the digital age. Recently I came across an article that caught my eye. Forbes contributor, Eilene Zimmerman, reinforces what this blog has been writing about for some time – everything starts with what you see. How many vision statements have you read that you cannot see? Here are a few examples of vision statements you can actually visualize: FedEx Absolutely

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