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Revealing Non-Conscious Decisions

Did you know that people eat faster when they hear energetic music and walk slower when a store uses small floor tiles? Advertisements during movie previews are less effective when people munch on popcorn. As for the cherry on top consumer psychology research reveals that a strawberry placed on top of a cake leads people to believe it has fewer calories than it does. It’s true. A study done by Psychology Today is saying that the visual aspect of a

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Earning Attention in a More Social World

Marketers typically think about media strategy in terms of three distinct channels. Paid media, including advertising, search engine marketing, paid search, and email marketing, is purchased on third-party sites through straightforward media buys. Owned media is developed and disseminated by the company through its own direct-to-consumer channels, including website content, apps, and the company’s official social media channels. Earned media, unlike paid and owned media, can’t be bought or controlled by the company itself; instead, it represents media generated independently

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