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Storytelling Strategy for Non-Profit Videos

Stories help us interact with our world and make sense of it. They link us together and shape our view of the world. Nonprofits, however, often miss the stories that surround them; the stories that can help them raise more funding, expand awareness of their cause and reach their goals. Using stories is something that nonprofits can do in many areas of their work, yet videos are a particularly powerful tool. Especially considering that U.S. Internet viewers watch more than

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Your TCR Festival Invitation

I think most of us have a carnival, fair or festival somewhere in our memories; an event you remember fondly from your childhood, something from a time when life was somehow simpler…and maybe a lot more fun, too. That’s exactly what we were trying to create when we held the first Texas Country Reporter Festival at a Dallas historical park in the mid-1990s. We didn’t even call it a festival back then, but a reunion. That’s because we invited people

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