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How Much Does a Video Cost?

It is one of the most asked questions we get from potential clients – “How much does a video cost?” Truth is, there is no way to accurately answer that question without taking a lot of things into consideration. Think of it this way – what does a house cost? Well it depends. How big is the house? Is it brick or wood? Does it have a pool? Marble floors or linoleum? You get the idea. Producing video is really

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What's Your Company's USP?

Your USP is about your product”s uniqueness. It”s your whole argument for your product, its accompanying services, why it”s necessary and why you need it to solve your problem now, rather than later. In their book, “The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords,” 3rd Edition, authors Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd lay out the difficulties people have with a USP that isn”t clear or even unique. If you have it right upfront, everything from the keywords and ads to the price

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