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The Communications Revolution

In the 1996 movie “Michael”, John Travolta plays an angel that makes the comment “I invented standing in line. Before that people would just mill around.” Besides being funny, that line often makes me wonder about the origin of new things I come across. Whether it’s a new way to package toothpaste, a new way the waiter at my favorite restaurant runs my credit card or a new household cleaner, I want to know how it came to be. “Where

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It's All About the Light

When you take a look at what we do in our world of TV and video production, you see one very focused mission: We tell stories with images and sound. We serve clients who have compelling stories to tell, and they hire us because we can tell those stories in ways that help them stand out from the others. Obviously, when you are dealing with a visual medium, the images you create are extremely important. Whether we are shooting for

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