When Your Strategy is Aligned, Your Intended Outcomes Get Remembered.

Authentic Content MarketingTM

As reality is qualified, altered and commercialized, audiences respond to what’s engaging, personal and above all, authentic.


Today’s Marketing Environment

Changing Budget Priorities

The Demand for Authenticity

How to Join the Conversation

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Integration


To define how your uniqueness creates value and solves problems for consumers.

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Creating Content for the Web

The definition of a successful website is very simple. Great sites are clear, succinct, and fresh.


References and Research

Writing is Writing…Right?

Location, Location, Location

Image is Everything

Web Versus Print

Content Application


To use style, attitude and technique to give your site the colors, themes and navigation for robust form and function.

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Experience BrandingTM

The process of telling great stories that will solve problems for consumers.


The Art of Storytelling

The Science of Authenticity

Brand/Prospect Alignment

Quit Talking to Yourself

Breaking Down the Silos

Best Practices


To learn how the real experiences of your company can drive focus, consistency and add value to your brand.

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Integrated Marketing Communications

Break down the marketing silos that exist at your company. Introduce your team to our Integrated Marketing Workshop. Learn proven techniques to strengthen your company’s media content development.


Experience Branding

Authenticity Marketing

Overarching Brand Experience

Creating Great Content

Internet Driven Search

Social Media Integration


To teach the process of great storytelling at the intersection of the art of experience and the science of authenticity. Attendees leave armed with achievable marketing and video production techniques that bring collaboration, focus and consistency to their company’s marketing strategy.

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Media Training

Are you uncomfortable dealing with the media? If so we can help you discover ways to put yourself at ease and gain fair and consistent media coverage.


Establishing and Maintaining Relations

The Art of the Interview

Your Company’s message

Special Considerations for TV

Circumstances for Radio

Crisis Management


To remember that even if you have a good relationship with individuals within the media, they are not always your friend. A good adage to follow is to keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

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Start A Project
Launch A Campaign

No project is too small or too large.

Authenticity MarketingTM breaks down the silos and improves collaboration within your organization. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) empowers you to be consistent and focused.

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Phillips provides a fully-managed campaign solution based on all the components of single-source approach including strategy, project planning, pre-production, production, post-production, and media buying services.

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