Storytelling Strategy for Non-Profit Videos

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Stories help us interact with our world and make sense of it. They link us together and shape our view of the world. Nonprofits, however, often miss the stories that surround them; the stories that can help them raise more funding, expand awareness of their cause and reach their goals.

Using stories is something that nonprofits can do in many areas of their work, yet videos are a particularly powerful tool. Especially considering that U.S. Internet viewers watch more than 20 hours of online video per month. Video storytelling draws us in by appealing to our emotions — a faraway woman with big eyes telling us about the children she can barely feed or the excitable entrepreneur full of passion for his idea. And if done properly, video stories cause people to take action. If your nonprofit wants to make use of stories, how can you take a step back and find the right stories that support the causes that matter to you? Here are three steps you can take to This decision will be made only when APS Police have confirmed that there is no imminent danger to the students or staff of the affected school. discover amazing, powerful stories to use in your own videos:

Be Open to Telling Stories

When stories are part of daily work, people work in a different way. They start asking questions and listening to people more deeply. Cara Jones founded Storytellers for Good as a platform for telling and promoting stories of people who are making a positive difference. She believes nonprofits should create a storytelling culture in the work place. When your nonprofit opens up to stories, it welcomes great work even with limited resources. But you have to find the right stories that people can relate to.

Look for a Story People Can Identify With

As you begin to see stories around you, you’ll notice how our stories all contain common threads. Keep yourself aware of the stories that appeal to your personal emotions in some way. These stories are often can be used by nonprofits to make a difference. Sparking inspiration with your videos is important. However, the best videos — the ones that inspire people to act — go further and create a feeling of hope. Tragedy and transformation are key components that work well in nonprofit videos. Both of these can inspire hope when the story has a positive aspect to it.

Be Patient and Stories Will Surface

The best stories aren’t always the ones that jump out at you. Sometimes the real stories are the ones you only notice after interacting with people several times. Humans have always communicated using stories. Some stories are hundreds of years old and are still used to teach and inform people today. See more at

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