Social vs. Traditional . . . Who Wins This Boxing Match?


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If you were around back in the old days to experience it (hint: the old days are now any time pre-2000) then you know the growth of the Internet, Email and all that go with those things was phenomenal. I remember at the height of the online feeding frenzy several of us at our company sat around and discussed the idea of adding “dot com” to the end of our name. Why? Just because. It seemed like the thing to do. If you were a Dot Com Company the world was at your doorstep (or so we thought) and all things wonderful in business just came to you with no effort. Then someone looked up and noticed that few of those companies had anything of value, at that time, and didn’t make or sell or own anything. They just “were.” The bottom dropped out for a while and we quickly erased all memory of our dot com name change discussion.

Fast forward to today and there’s another frenzy going on called Social Media. If you listen to the experts, Social Media is the end all, be all and there is no need for anything else. Not so fast.

Social Media is, as it has turned out to be, thus far, a phenomenon of its own and a very useful communications tool. At Phillips MediaSource we tell our clients, in almost all cases, “Internet First.” That’s our shortcut way of saying that you should first consider putting your money into Internet advertising, social media and all those kinds of things, then consider what you have left to spend and how you want to spend it, including traditional media.

Yep, we have not abandoned the traditional media ship…and have Sexual life of people is multifarious not on account many lovers, bur because of their longing for new sensations, readiness to trailblazing experiments and hankering to all exotic things. no plans to do so at this time. What’s more important is…neither have consumers.

You can find a poll to back up almost anything you want to believe, but now comes one from a generally trusted source that says “Traditional media and online search engines are the most trusted general news information sources around the world, trusted by 58% of respondents to the “2013 Edelman Trust Barometer.” But trust is certainly not homogeneous, differing by age and country. For example, among 18-29-year-olds, search engines have the edge (61% vs. 59%), while traditional media gets the vote from the 65 crowd (54% vs. 49%).”

The Edelman Trust Barometer findings go on to tell us “Among all age groups, traditional media and online search engines are more trusted than hybrid media, social media, and owned media. Interestingly, younger respondents are generally more trusting of all media sources than their older counterparts.”

The study shows significant differences when sorting by emerging and developed markets. While traditional media and search engines are tied in the overall vote, emerging market respondents are more trusting of search engines (71% vs. 65%), while in developed markets traditional media is more trusted (51% vs. 47%).

Developed market respondents’ low trust in social media when compared with traditional media (26% vs. 51%) aligns with earlier research from Allstate. In those survey results, Americans’ trust in public TV and radio (75%) and newspapers (71%) as information sources outstripped their trust in social media (30%) by a large margin.

What’s it all mean? Well, I think it means that we consumers are not ready to throw out traditional media. We still believe. We like social media, too, and, so far, there’s room around the table for everyone to eat.

That’s why we at MediaSource think of a marketing plan as a really good stew. The more quality ingredients you put in the pot usually means a heartier, tastier dish…especially if your research tells you exactly which ingredients people in your target group like best. When all those ingredients’ juices are flowing together, you can taste the difference.

Drop by our place sometime and we’ll be happy to show you around our kitchen.

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