Revealing Non-Conscious Decisions

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Did you know that people eat faster when they hear energetic music and walk slower when a store uses small floor tiles? Advertisements during movie previews are less effective when people munch on popcorn. As for the cherry on top consumer psychology research reveals that a strawberry placed on top of a cake leads people to believe it has fewer calories than it does. It’s true.

A study done by Psychology Today is saying that the visual aspect of a product is the primary influencing factor to taking an action. Subconscious judgments are made within the first minute and a half, with up to 90% of the judgments based on color.

Science tells us that consumers rely more on personal feelings and experiences than on static information such as brand facts and features when making brand decisions. Scientists found that the emotional response to a TV commercial is three times more effective on someone’s purchase decision than the spot’s actual content. In print ads, that emotion-to-content effectiveness was two to one. It is the brand’s likability and emotional connection with the consumer that lead to brand loyalty above and beyond the product’s attributes and features.

So why do we choose certain alternatives when presented with multiple options? Here’s an example. It’s called anchoring in the marketing world. Three clear choices are offered — a high price, a low price and a price in between. A vast majority of the time consumers will choose the middle option thinking it’s the most reasonable selection. As consumer experiences become more and more targeted, companies may be able to use what they have learned from consumer psychology to know what we want to buy before we are even aware, with our choices being coaxed and steered at a non-conscious level.

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