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When Facebook, the largest social media company, went public in May 2012, it fetched $38 a share before plummeting in the days following. The naysayers were quick to speculate that Facebook was a flash in the pan, that the company was over valued and wasn’t a good investment. I wonder what those same prophets are saying now. “It’s obvious Facebook saw something we didn’t and that something is mobile.”

You have no doubt heard it said time and time again. “The future is mobile.” But hearing isn’t necessarily believing and, much like the old adage of the 90s that said, “We’ll have 500 channels to pick from with digital television,” the public doesn’t buy-in to something until they experience it. We’re still waiting on 500 channels but it’s looking like the predictions about mobile are proving to be true. Facebook has figured out how to capitalize on that with mobile users soaring.

You, too, need to capitalize on that.

The biggest thing going with mobile is video. Great use of mobile video can deliver massive returns. The flip side of that is that ignoring the rise of mobile can leave you stranded in the dust of your competitors. Cisco says video accounted for almost half of all mobile data in 2010, and the company predicts that it will account for two-thirds of all mobile data by 2015 when experts predict there will be 5.6 billion mobile connected devices. Another impressive fact to consider is that last year’s mobile video usage was three times larger than the total of all Internet usage in 2000. Yes, it’s that big.

So, what does all this mean to you and your business? For one, in order to keep your audience (customers) growing and connected to your content, you’ll need to make sure you are using video and that it is available via all manner of mobile devices. You’ll need to make sure that video is relevant and engaging. And you’ll need to make sure it’s produced and processed in a way that your customers can easily access it on their mobile devices. If not, they’ll move on to someone who has taken care of those details.

Of course, everyone in the business is energized by this development. This is something we’ve been waiting for and we’ll be enthusiastically growing with it. There are lots of web logs out there on the subject of mobile and, more specifically, mobile video. One good one that will shed some more light on all this is by Tobin Dalrymple at MarketingProfs.

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