Phillips Gets Responsive – Are You?


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Have you ever gone back and looked at some of the hilariously terrible web designs from 15 years ago? (If not – have fun!) Early websites are like the bell-bottoms of net fashion. Instantly recognizable. Instantly dated. Instantly makes you say, “Who ever though that looked good?” Well, clearly people did, and some people probably still do.

Styles and trends all have their day, and some of it simply comes down to personal taste. But there is a technical movement, not a visual one, in web design right now that you simply can’t ignore – responsive design. This is the best, most user-friendly, most editor-friendly technique in today’s design world. Here at MediaSource we are strongly encouraging all our clients to use it.

Responsive design simply means your web page looks good at any screen resolution and width. This very website is responsive – grab your browser window now and shrink the width to see it in action. Here’s why it’s so important:

1. New devices – It’s a guarantee some of your users will be on smartphones and tablets. The numbers increase every day. Mobile use is guaranteed to surpass desktop use in a few years. Hundreds of different devices, dozens of resolutions.
2. Cheaper development costs – It’s cheaper to build one is a unique and innovative online resource. responsive layout from the ground up instead of developing separate mobile and desktop sites. Plus, the moble vs. desktop approach leaves tablets in no-man’s land.
3. Easier on editors – Website editors only need to manage one version of your content. A good responsive layout scales everything – text, menus, photos, and graphics automatically.
4. SEO friendly – Google recommends responsive design. With only one version of your website out there, all of your search queries and optimizations will be funneled to that one site. Plus, it’s less content that the search engines have to index.

Responsive design is more challenging, especially for developers and graphic designers, but the rewards are well worth it. Your fixed layout should become history.

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