People Who Tell Stories Are More Successful


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“Tell to Win: Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story,“ by Peter Guber, asserts that everyone today, whether they know it or not, is in the emotional transportation business, and compelling stories are the best way for you to move your business forward.

Here are ten basic principles for telling the right story, at the right time and telling it right:

1. Select the right story for the right audience. What does the audience want or need?

2. Choose when the listener will be receptive. Getting to know your audience also means figuring out the place and time where they will be most receptive.

3. Finding the source material for good stories. The most effective story material comes from firsthand experience, infused with your personal feelings and emotions.

4. Make sure your call to action resonates. Every story needs something that will move an audience emotionally to hear your call to action.

5. Get in the right state for your story. Intentions speak louder than words. Train both your body and your mind on your clear intention to succeed.

6. Tell the story with authentic contagious energy. If you are telling a story you don’t believe in, your audience will sense it immediately.

7. Demonstrate vulnerability and perseverance. Everyone has something in common, so open up and expose your fears and concerns, allowing them to do likewise.

8. Make the story experience interactive. Ask for input or a response during the story, or getting an emotional interaction.

9. Engage the senses of your audience. Scientists tell us that words account for only the smallest part of human consideration. Everything starts with what you see. Talk in pictures.

10. Listen actively with all your senses. How you listen as a teller is as important to your success as the actual words you speak.

Stories have been used since the beginning of time to share knowledge, history, and ideas. If you want to kick your business up a level, maybe it’s time to add some stories to your message.

Thanks, also, to Martin Zwilling, contributor to Forbes / Entrepreneurs.

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