How Much Does a Video Cost?


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It is one of the most asked questions we get from potential clients – “How much does a video cost?” Truth is, there is no way to accurately answer that question without taking a lot of things into consideration.

Think of it this way – what does a house cost? Well it depends. How big is the house? Is it brick or wood? Does it have a pool? Marble floors or linoleum? You get the idea. Producing video is really no different. It all depends on what sort of bells and whistles you want to have in your video. Those bells and whistles can be things like extensive 3D graphics or custom music or maybe a nationally known actor or voice talent. Those things are obvious. Other things that impact cost are things you might not think of at first – maybe you need a high shot from atop a crane or camera jib or smooth flowing shots acquired with the camera on a dolly or steady-cam. Special lighting, types of camera (or cameras) used all effect the size of the crew required and impacts the cost.

I have no idea where it started, but there was a “rule of thumb” that made its way around people shopping for video work that stated a video should cost $1,000 a second. That is patently ridiculous for all the reasons I stated above. At Phillips MediaSource we have produced 20-minute videos with a small crew and minimal equipment for $15,000 ($750 a minute.) We have also produced 12-minute videos that had a budget of more than $400,00. ($33,000 a minute.) And to further illustrate, a $50,000 thirty second TV commercial (which is not uncommon) is $100,000 a minute!

So that’s why at Phillips MediaSource we sit down and discuss your video ideas to determine what is the best way to communicate your message. We don’t just throw numbers out. We carefully plan what it will require to deliver the best product to you at a price that is within your budget. Thinking about doing a video? Give us a call at 214-741-1300 and we can get started planning with you right away.

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