It's All About the Light


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When you take a look at what we do in our world of TV and video production, you see one very focused mission: We tell stories with images and sound. We serve clients who have compelling stories to tell, and they hire us because we can tell those stories in ways that help them stand out from the others. Obviously, when you are dealing with a visual medium, the images you create are extremely important. Whether we are shooting for the next episode of Texas Country Reporter or producing a project for one of our many corporate clients, we approach the photography in a way that makes us carefully consider how each shot relates to the story. And, as we go about gathering those shots, one element gets high priority: Light. Cameras, no matter how simple or complex, “see” one thing, and that one thing is ambient and reflected light. As visual craftsmen, we have long been fascinated with the way light behaves, how it can have a profound influence on human emotions, and how it can be manipulated to create images that make an impact with the viewer long after a project has been viewed. Think about how certain pictures can make you feel. All of us have those favorite images burned in our memories. And most of the time, it is because there is a certain quality to the image to which we respond. Sometimes it’s an online slots expression. Other times it may be the subject matter. But quite often, the images that make the biggest impact are the ones where the element of light makes the picture stay with us. That is why we pay such close attention to light when considering how our stories will be told. Sometimes we get lucky with natural circumstances, and other times we have to search for just the right setup. Either way, light and its impact on the moving video images we create is vitally important. We make it a high priority to give light a lot of respect and consideration. It makes a difference you can see and feel.

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