Is Your Brand a Product or a Person?

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Client and customers today are demanding more heart. As a result many brands have jumped on being human. They have quit now realize that a conversation with consumers is the answer. Let’s face it. It’s difficult to talk about yourself when social media is so prevalent and giving consumers so much to say about your brand.

What does being human mean?

Introduction Moment

People size you up in about 30 seconds. Do I like this person? Can I relate to this person? Can I trust this person?

It’s important to begin with an authentic story based on corporate DNA – a set of values. Connection, trust and fit begin with aligning the belief systems of your company with those of your consumers.

Speaking Human

Storytelling is an essential human activity and must be the foundation of any meaningful strategy.

Be humble. Don’t sell products; sell information, education and inspiration. Don’t sell me a camera. Tell me how to take great a great picture.

Be relevant. Cast too wide a net, and the meaning of your brand is lost. Specialize and you’ll fish where your fish are.

How to Engage

Be clear. Less jargon, more heart.

Be helpful. Help consumers think about how you add value to their lives.

Be concise. Edit the copy and then edit it again. Make each idea count.

Be consistent. One style. One attitude. Across all channels.

The Bottom Line

Quit talking to yourself and consider how you can solve problems for your consumers. Think about it. This is how you interact with brands, isn’t it?

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