Great Brands Tell Great Stories


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Brand storytelling is not about your company. It’s about your customers and the value they receive when engaging with your product or service. What does that mean? Stop selling products and uncover problems that your brand can solve for your customers. This problem solving process becomes the heart of your brand’s story.

Think of your company as a supporting character. More often than not, marketers let loose of this concept. They’re stressed about communicating the perfect message and confused about where it should be told.

Don’t overthink this branding process. Storytelling is something that we do naturally. More often than not, we don’t even realize that we’re doing it.

Human-to-human connections are the heart of marketing. Brand storytelling is a process that can reinforce these bonds.

Stories can give your brand a powerful voice, regardless of whether you’re running an enterprise organization, small business, or startup.

Storytelling is medium-agnostic. Tell your story through blog posts, customer help centers, about pages, videos, infographics, etc.

Formalize your brand story to build connections both on and off your website, especially if your company is actively building a PR strategy.

Storytelling is more than what you say explicitly. It’s how you communicate your message and how your brand can solve problems for targeted audiences.

So, who defines your brand? Your customers.

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