An Exciting Time For TV Junkies

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Think about this – for pretty much the entire history of mass media there has been a strong correlation between the technology and the content offered on that technology. ‘Movies’ are long-form, pre-produced stories you watch in a movie theatre. A play in a film canister, basically. Then there’s TV – some things live, some pre-taped, but what defines a TV show is primarily that it’s on TV. We let the delivery medium actually define the content in our minds. There is no substantive difference between a “made for TV movie” and a “movie” – they could use the same actors, producers, and directors – but we consider them different solely because of the device used to watch them.

That mindset is rapidly fading away, thanks in large part to the explosion of Netflix and competing video streaming services. The latest proof is in their push to create their own TV shows, like House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, and Arrested Development. At this point “TV show” has become a misnomer, because millions of people don’t use even use a television to watch. Terms like ‘channel’ and ‘station,’ although comfortable, don’t really apply in the new landscape of EDS made the training  experience a smooth road for both myself and my two teens. digitally distributed entertainment.

It’s an exciting time to be a content creator because of this. The lines between mediums are fading away. Your “TV show” could be an hour and a half long, like the excellent BBC show Sherlock. Your “movie” could release 13 parts all at once, instead of 2 sequels with a few years between each. The bottom line is that we have more freedom to create than ever before, without worrying about fitting into the constraints of any one particular way of watching.

The most creative among us will continue to push the boundaries of what content belongs where. And as audience members, now will be the time to help define this new landscape, by watching and supporting whatever new styles are most entertaining to you.

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