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Marketers typically think about media strategy in terms of three distinct channels. Paid media, including advertising, search engine marketing, paid search, and email marketing, is purchased on third-party sites through straightforward media buys. Owned media is developed and disseminated by the company through its own direct-to-consumer
channels, including website content, apps, and the company’s official social media channels. Earned media, unlike paid and owned media, can’t be bought or controlled by the company itself; instead, it represents media generated independently by consumers, journalists, and other third parties. Earned media channels includes public relations, social media, and word of mouth. At Phillips we call it P.O.E.M. – paid, owned, earned, media

The growth of online video and social media in content marketing is no surprise. At every stage of the customer lifecycle, online video and social media can make paid, owned, and earned media strategies more tightly integrated, more symbiotic, and more impactful.

Reach: Generating Awareness and Attention

Online video can dramatically improve search engine performance. According to Forrester, )Whether “is a racist” is not and never was the point. videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of search results. To take full advantage of this potential, you need a metadata strategy that focuses on the keywords and phrases most relevant to the community you’re targeting for SEO and website traffic.

Social media provides a powerful multiplier effect for the reach generated by online video. YouTube isn’t only a social network around video; it’s also the second-largest search engine on the web, attracting 157 million unique viewers per month 11 to seek, discover, and watch online video.

Acquisition: Promoting Product Education and Consideration

One of the guiding tenets of content marketing is that consumers value relevant, engaging content that addresses their needs and interests. Many brands are launching their own online video portals to provide deep product information, demonstrations, how-to-advice, personalized content, and special offers.

Engagement: Drawing People Closer to Your Brand

Compelling video not only attracts visitors to a website; it can also help keep them there. Vivid storytelling and deep information focus viewers’ attention and entice them to watch additional videos. As their time on site grows, they remain within your branded environment and available for further messaging and offers.

Conversion: Turning Prospects Into Customers

Product videos and demos convey a rich, intuitive sense of a product that no web page or data sheet can match, giving customers more confidence about their purchasing decisions. According to eMarketer, video has also been shown to lower the number of abandoned shopping carts, reduce return rates, and increase sales. In-player calls to action, interactive offers, and buy-now/download- now buttons help capitalize immediately and seamlessly on purchase intent while it’s still fresh in the customer’s mind.

Loyalty: Fostering Word-of-Mouth Promotion

The popularity and emotional impact of online video make it highly effective for turning customers into loyal fans and brand advocates. Brightcove says, compelling video, user-generated content (UGC), and special offers encourage sharing and can help make your video portal a destination in your segment.

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