Creative Synergy


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The creative process is just that. A process. We take that process seriously. In our world, the creative process is a team effort. That includes our team and our client’s team. We believe that developing any project for any client must involve an open dialogue between the two groups. Cooperative creativity.

Too often we see creative projects like television commercials, corporate videos, marketing strategies, web content, and other creations dictated by only one side of the team, or, perhaps even one individual who expects complete buy-in from all the others involved. Granted, sometimes a flash of creative brilliance washes over an individual to such an extent that all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place almost magically, with no input or direction from anyone else. That is extremely rare, and can lead to a myopic and misguided result. I dare say that nobody wants that. The reason we engage in these projects in the first place is to benefit the client, and in turn realize benefits ourselves. That is why we have a rule around here. Contributions to any project must come from both directions to create balanced, satisfying collateral that has value.

The most important element in the process for us is listening intently to our clients to get a real understanding of their goals. We listen to their concerns, goals, and especially their ideas. But wait. We’re supposed to be the ones with all the ideas, right? Not always. Over the nearly three decades that we have been working with customers, the best and most memorable projects were created using a true cooperative spirit. We have some pretty smart clients, and we have a true appreciation for their brilliance. If we have differing notions, we put them out there to explore how our expertise can compliment or refine the discussion. The honest exchange of ideas brings energy to the process, and helps create bonds among those involved. Creative bonds lead to productive and lasting professional relationships. A good relationship gives the next project a lead as it enters initial development and everyone looks forward to the next exchange of ideas. As we enter into any project, we look forward to the cooperative creative process with our clients. By doing that, we are assured that we are serving their needs to the fullest extent we can.

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