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Corporate video and film production is a little different than shooting a television program. The crews are bigger, there is much more equipment and every image is carefully scrutinized. For a television program, it might air one time and be gone forever. With a corporate film or commercial, your film or video may be seen hundreds of times, and each image is there to sell something or motivate someone to do something. So, it’s a very slow and tedious process gathering those images.

Maybe you need it to rain. Or snow. Or look like a gorgeous spring day when it’s the dead of winter. We have created all those things. We’ve done all sorts of special effects over the years.

Making a corporate film is a lot like making a movie. We have script, lots of lighting, even actors sometimes. But the thing that sets corporate production apart from most television production is what’s called “camera support”. Camera support means what the camera is mounted on and how it can move during a scene. Your production might require a camera dolly with track on the ground, or a crane to raise it high into the sky, or a device called a “Steadicam” that allows the camera to be hand-carried with no bouncing! Yes, all of these things cost money and add to budgets, but it adds considerable value to the quality of the images too.

For more than forty years, people have known Phillips Productions, Inc., as the producers of the Texas Country Reporter television show. But it’s the other side of our business; our corporate video and film production that has really made our company stand out in the production community.

Corporate production has literally taken us all over the world. From China, Russia, and Australia to Africa and Europe, Phillips Productions crews have filmed in some of the most exotic locations on the planet. Many of our university clients have sent us overseas to their campus to capture their programs offered there. Airlines and global retailers have taken Phillips crews to capture everything from tropical destinations to product production. We have traveled with high school bands and orchestras, travel agent groups, and even taken a full crew of actors and production staff to make mini-movies to sell travel services offered by our clients. We love what we do and we love to travel. We’d love to make your video and film ideas a reality!

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