Brand Archetypes


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It all began in 1919 when psychologist, Carl Jung, introduced the term archetype. In 2001 “The Hero and The Outlaw” by Margaret Mark applied archetypes to marketing and branding for the first time. Following are the archetypes and commercial examples.

The Innocent . . . to be happy, do things right

Red Cross and Coca-Cola

The Explorer . . . to experience a better, more authentic, more fulfilling life

National Geographic and NASA

The Sage . . . the discovery of truth, seek out knowledge

Smithsonian and Rosetta Stone

The Hero – exert mastery in a way that improves the world

FedEx and Nike

The Outlaw – to destroy what’s not working for the outlaw or society

Harley Davidson and Virgin

The Magician – finding win-win outcomes; make dreams come true

Victorinox Swiss Army and Dyson

The Everyman/Woman – connection with belonging, the common touch, blend in

ebay and IKEA

The Lover – become more and more attractive, physically and emotionally

Las Vegas and Chanel

The Jester – live in the moment with full enjoyment and lighten up the world

Geico and Dos Equis

The Caregiver – to help others, do things for others and protect people from harm

Allstate and Johnson & Johnson

The Creator – create something of enduring value and give form to a vision

Lego and Google>

The Ruler – create a prosperous, successful family, company, or community

Microsoft and Consumer Reports

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