• Local Fare Awesomeness!

    New Twist on Restaurants

    Market specific local programming

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  • TV Distribution

    Reality TV with an attitude

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  • TCR

    The Texas TV storytelling legend

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  • Foundation Videos

    Producing videos with style, attitude and technique

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  • Targeted TV Commercials

    HDTV production for Capital Farm Credit
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  • Fundraising Videos

    Exceeding goals with video storytelling

  • Psychology Branding

    Amberton University is on the leading edge.
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  • TV Pilot Production

    Gator Country TV series coming soon

  • Signature TV Series

    Everything you love about being in the country
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  • TV Promotion Production

    Collaborating to produce for CBS 11 in Dallas
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  • Development and Production

    RFD-TV – Rural America’s Most Important Network

  • Image TV Commercials

    An all-in-one source for Mueller metal roofs and buildings
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The Future is Here

What the Internet, mobile technology, and social networking tools have provided companies is the power to provide a level of utility to their consumers that they could never provide before. This evolution from audience to individual is here. And it continues at an accelerated rate. The future is today.

One thing has not changed – the art and science of storytelling. The art of storytelling is communication – a beginning, middle and an end. The science of storytelling is an understanding of logic and emotions – how the story is perceived. Add video and another of your senses is triggered.

Great brands are positioned to solve problems. Solving problems creates value. Double down on this value with a marketing philosophy that speaks to individuals by answering the question, “What’s in it for Me?”

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